Office Partitions

glass office partitions

For many businesses, dividing up the workspace with the right partitioning system is critical to their success. As well as providing employees with privacy, partitions also control natural sunlight and noise.

Types of Partition

  • Solid:As their name suggests, these panels are completely solid and cannot be seen through. They are usually comprised of either plaster or fabric and provide the utmost in privacy control.
  • Glass:As their name suggests, these glass office partitions are comprised of glass and are see through (although they can be frosted if some privacy is required). They provide the utmost in light penetration.
  • Demountable:These panels are removable, which means that you can rearrange the workspace at will or that you can even take them with you should you move premises in the future.
  • Full/Partial Height:Full height panels extend from the floor to the ceiling and partial height ones extend only part way up the wall. Solid, glass and demountable are available in both options.