30 Dec 2019

7 Ways That Office Partitions Improve Employee Productivity

by admin

If you have been looking for ways to improve productivity in your workplace, you might like to consider the addition of some office partitions. Research has shown that our workplaces can have up to 86% effect on employee performance, so what do you have to lose? If nothing else, your space will have a whole new look that is sure to excite your employees. We have compiled a list of seven ways that partitions will work to improve productivity:



1. They provide a sense of ‘own space’

Putting partitions up will make your employees feel as if they have their own space within the office, where they can store important documents and files or work quietly. An open plan design can often make employees feel as if they are working on top of each other.

2. They encourage productivity

The simple presence of office partitions can actually motivate employees to get down to business. They will feel encouraged to plan the day ahead effectively and then to focus on the activities assigned. This is often a result of feeling like you’re in your own private world.

3. They are quite economical

By using LED lighting in conjunction with partitions, you can actually cut down on your heating bills. This is not only good for the business as a whole, you will also find that employees are more productive when they are warm and comfortable (as opposed to cold).

4. They provide privacy

Your employees will be able to make phone calls and hold conversations without others overhearing them. This will help them to feel more secure and confident in their space. It can also help them to feel valuable to the business, as they see that you value their privacy.

5. They provide less distractions

Because the partitions will effectively block out anything occurring beyond the workstation, employees will find themselves distracted less and concentrating more. A single distraction can break your train of thought and it can be near impossible to recapture.

6. They provide effective organisation

Using office partitions to create a personal workspace will allow your employees to organise their belongings in a manner that makes sense to them. It also enables them to personalise their environment, which will cause them to feel more comfortable at work.

7. They provide personalised ergonomics

There can be no denying the ergonomics are incredibly important to the workplace of today; if your employees are comfortable and seated correctly, you will find that there are less occurrences of work related illnesses, like RSI and chronic back/neck pain.

Now that you are aware of the seven ways that office partitions can improve employee productivity in your workplace, we hope that you are convinced to add some to your space. It is important to remember that there are plenty of different panels to choose from – full or partial height, glass or solid – so take the time to ensure you are making wise choices for your needs. And don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you are having trouble coming to a final decision.