24 Aug 2022

How Awnings Can Keep Your Home Cool Over Summer

by admin

It’s no secret that Australian summers are long and scorching, particularly towards the top end (where you’re closer to the equator). Because of this, many homeowners are on the lookout for ways to keep their homes cool when the weather heats up beyond the traditional methods of fans and air conditioning (especially with electricity costs on the rise). In this blog, we’ve taken a closer look at the ways that custom awnings in Melbourne can keep your home cool and some of the added benefits that you’ll receive when utilising them.



Keep the inside of the home cool
The amount of solar energy that transmits through a window is known as the G-value. When it comes to cooling, it’s far better if the G-value is low. Blocking or reflecting the sun’s rays prevents extreme heat gain, which keeps the G-value lower and therefore keeps the room cooler. Custom awnings are a fantastic option for this; they lower down over the window from the outside, effectively blocking the sun’s rays from gaining access to the room beyond.

In a fact sheet released in 2014, Energy Australia stated that the addition of awnings to the exterior of the home can reduce a room’s temperature by as much as 3 degrees Celsius.

Keep the outside of the home cool
We understand the desire to enjoy your outdoor space during the summer, but a sunny day can make your patio unbearably hot in seemingly no time at all. Umbrellas can be functional, but custom awnings provide a larger shaded area that offers both comfort and protection from the sun. Permanent outdoor blinds will provide year round protection whilst a retractable one will allow you to open the space up to the elements whenever you like (allowing you to make the most of the sunlight).

We have found that awnings can be particularly helpful when installed over windows that face either south or west, as they get the most direct sunlight (and, therefore, get hotter).

Did you know that the addition of awnings in Melbourne can help you to decrease your home’s energy costs? Most of us have the air conditioning or fans (or both) running pretty constantly over the summer, which can be incredibly expensive. Outdoor blinds that naturally keep the space cooler, however, will mean that less cooling is required – you won’t need to have your air conditioner on as often or set as low to keep your family comfortable, which can save you some serious money!

Did you know that automating awnings in Melbourne can provide you with optimal energy savings? Many of the options on the market today can either connect to remote controls or even smart home systems, which allow you to control your shades at the touch of a button. Innovative features – such as temperature sensors, scheduling and other environmental controls – ensure that your awnings will always be in the right position for a pleasant living environment.

Did you know that the addition of awnings can also help to keep your furniture in tiptop condition? The sun’s harmful rays are prone to fading and otherwise damaging outdoor furniture and textiles, as well as any indoor furniture that is placed close to windows. As well as just looking shabby, it can cause plastic to become brittle and metal to rust. Adding outdoor blinds can provide some much-needed protection, ensuring that your furniture will last and look good for longer.

We hope that this blog has shown you that keeping your home cool in the summer is made easier with the addition of custom awnings in Melbourne. There are still some important considerations to ensure that you’ve made the best choices for your home, which is why it’s important to approach a professional company like Amaru. We work with a wide variety of awnings – like straight drop, pivot arm, zip/channel, retractable and motorised – and have a huge range of options available to ensure a perfect match for any home and style theme.