26 Aug 2022

Want A Resort Lebel Pergola or Patio? Here’s Our Top 7 Tips

by admin

Whilst we all want a patio that is luxurious enough to appear on the front of magazines or on travel programmes, very few of us know how to execute these sorts of ideas in real life. No matter whether you use your space as somewhere to relax or somewhere to entertain, we have shared some of our top tips for ensuring that your pergola design is like something out of a high-end resort.

  1. Install Heating and Cooling
    Being too hot or too cold will instantly throw off the resort-style atmosphere you’re going for, so add some features that will ensure the comfort of your guests. Heaters installed on the roof or even a fancy fire pit can be a great way to keep the space warm in winter. Ceiling fans or even an air conditioner is a great way to keep it cool in summer.
  2. Add Lighting
    The right lighting can help any space go from drab to fab. Choose string or fairy lights for a dreamy, ethereal look. Pendant lighting can add a beachy, coastal feel. And curtain lights will give guests an out-of-this-world experience. No matter what theme you’ve chosen, lighting will serve the dual purpose of allowing you to use your patio at night.
  3. Paint and Stain
    The colour of your pergola design will contribute to its overall style. When it’s been constructed out of steel or aluminium, you won’t be able to change the colour easily so ensure that you’ve chosen carefully from the beginning. Choose colours that promote relaxation and steer clear of any that are too busy or overstimulate the space.
  4. Add Plants
    Some carefully chosen plants will bring colour to your patio, as well as infuse that relaxing resort-style feel you’re looking for. Why not hang baskets from the roof to extend the greenery up? Place some large potted plants (ferns and palms are a great choice) at the posts. Or grow climbers (like vines or climbing roses) on the posts and roof.
  5. Increase Privacy
    Pergolas are notoriously quite open, so increasing their privacy can add a sophisticated edge. Fortunately, there are some ways to decorate the space that will help to close it off from your neighbours. Screening, for example, will allow plenty of airflow and natural light through. Blinds will do the same, with the added bonus of being openable when desired.
  6. Choose the Right Furniture
    Take the time to find the right furniture, pieces that will blend into the space perfectly along with the best accessories to really tie it all together. We recommend steering clear of anything obviously synthetic, as this tends to cheapen the look. Instead opt for fine fabrics, rich timbers and other items that indicate elegance and luxury.
  7. Add a Statement Swing
    There’s nothing quite like enjoying the cool summer breeze whilst cosied up on a swinging seat or even in a hammock. A swing makes a great permanent fixture in any pergola design. Just be sure to steer clear of plastic, which has a cheaper appearance, and instead opt for timber or another natural material (which also tends to be hardier).

If a resort level patio is high on the list of wants for your property, these tips are sure to make your pergola design a state-of-the-art feature that really ups the value of your home. At the end of the day, it’s about making thoughtful and researched designs that will add to the aesthetic appeal of the space as time passes. It’s worth it to spend a little more in the beginning than to make costly replacements.

Fortunately, the team at Modern Solutions can help you get your design sorted – contact us today.